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THE KAIROS - Unreached Nations, Inc. - 2008

Worship and Group Prayer Guide introducing the 10/40 and 10/70 Window

DVD - "The Abraham Connection" (by Dr. Ralph Winter)
Video - "Light The Window" plus optional 4-5 min. Unreached People Affinity Bloc DVD segments
Primary Readings: Summary Outline with main points included with each chapter in the reader.
" The Story of His Glory" by Steven Hawthorne
"Everyone's Question: What is God Trying To Do?" by Stanley A. Ellisen
"The significance of Babel" (Max Chismon - Vital understanding of how God related to mankind "Before" and "After" Bable
Related Short Devotional, Additional Charts, Graphs, etc. (optional DVD's & videos available to use)


DVD - "Blessed To Be A Blessing", plus - how the Gospel begins in the Old Testament! (by Dr. Don Richardson)
DVD Summary Outline: The Obligation, Opportunity, and Israel's response. What is the church doing?
Primary readings: Summary Outline for all the main points included in the Reader at chapter's end.
"Israel, God's Covenant People" by Dr. Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. (12pgs)
"The Book Of Jonah" by Johannes Verkuyl (6pgs)
Related Short Devotional, Additional Charts, Graphs, etc. plus OFH segments (optional DVD's & videos available)


DVD - "Jesus, The Whole Covenant Messiah" with some overlooked unusual insights (by Dr Don Richardson)
Video Summary Outline: Messiah, Message & the Messengers
Primary readings: Summary Outline with main points included in the Reader at end of chapter.
"Jesus and the Gentiles" by H.C. Goerner.
"A Man for All Peoples" by Dr. Don Richardson.-
"The Meaning of the Kingdom of God" by Dr. George Eldon Ladd.
"Opening the Door" by Meg Crossman.
Devotional, Additional Charts, Graphs, etc. plus unreached peoples segments (optional DVD's available)


Summary Outline: Expansion Of The World Christian Movement
DVD "Global Purpose" Up-to-date 2007 DVD by USCWM Mobilization Department ("The Pacesetters Of Mission History" optional)
Primary reading: Summary Outline with main points included in the Reader at end of chapter.
"The Kingdom Strikes Back!" by Dr. Ralph Winter
"Four Men, Three Eras, Two Transitions: Modern Missions" by Dr. Ralph Winter
"Responding to the Challenge of Transitions" by Harry Larson
"Two Thirds World Missions" by Williams and Taylor
Additional Charts, Graphs, etc. plus unreached peoples segments or selected historical accounts of missions (optional)


Video - "The Role Of Prayer In Spiritual Awakening" (Dr. Edwin Or in his last great public sermon 1976 Texas CCC meeting plus a 20 min. DVD segment of verifiable accounts of dramatic change in Uganda 2001 and beyond, or "Why Europe Now?"
Primary readings: Summary Outline with main points included in the Reader at end of chapter.
"Planning Strategies for World Evangelization" by Edward R. Dayton & David A Fraser
"Stop the World, I Want to Get On" by C.Peter Wagner
"Prayer As a Strategic Resource in Frontier Mission" by John D. Robb of World Vision Intl'
"A Church In Every People" by Dr. Donald A. Mc Gavran
"What is a Church Planting Movement?" by David V. Garrison
"The Missionary Task: An Introduction" by Dr A.F. Glasser)
" Sodalities & The Great Commission" (Dr. Ralph Winter)


Video - "To the Ends of the Earth"
Primary readings: Summary Outline with main points included in the Reader at end of chapter.
"The Task Remaining: All humanity in Mission Perspective" by Dr. R.D. Winter
"An Unexpected Strategy " by V. D. Garrison (non-residential missionaries and outreach groups)
"Helping Others Help Themselves" by R.C. Pickett & S.C. Hawthorne (pros and cons of "Dependency")
"Worldwide Migration: Phenomenon and Opportunity" by Paul Filidis)
"The Intersecting Veins of the City" (Reaching the City) by Dr. Timothy Monsma
"Covering the Globe" by Patrick Johnstone of Operation World/WEC (4pgs)
Related Short Devotional, Additional graphs and charts included. "Finish the Job" or "Mongolia Revival" (Holke) DVDs optional at end of session.


DVD - "A World Prepared For The Gospel" by Dr. Don Richardson (An excellent, informative & challenging short DVD)
Related Short Devotional, (a really great student participant skit on "teamwork")
DVD - "The Murle Report." (Inspiring first-hand account from Wycliffe Missionary of a People movement)
Primary reading: Summary Outline with main points included in the Reader at end of chapter.
"Identification in the Missionary Task" by William D. Reyburn
"Coping With Culture Shock" by Dr. Stephen T. Hoke with inserts by Dr. Paul G. Hiebert (chart & graph included)
"Church & Culture" by the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelism - Willowbank Report
"Understanding Culture" by Prof. Lloyd Kwast. (Excerpts from his larger volume of teaching at Biola University)
Cross Cultural Game "Kampei/Kiwi Game" (or a cross cultural exercise / game that is customized for your group)


DVD - "The Thaikin Story"
Primary readings: Summary Outline with main points included in the Reader at end of chapter.
"Integration" by David Bryant COP/ANPC
"Apostolic Passion" by Dr. Floyd McClung YWAM
"Charting Your Journey to the Nations: Ten Steps to Help Get You There" by Hoke & Taylor
"Company of the Committed" by Patricia L. Moore & Meg Crossman
"The Awesome Potential for Mission Found in Local Churches" by George Miley OM/AN
"The Power of Partnership" by Phillip Butler - Pres. Interdev
"Local Church & Mission Agency Relationships: A Model" by Dr. Harry Larson
Optional: Contextualized Worship Orientation and Service - Short Moderate Contextualized Muslim house worship time


The KAIROS Course can be done in several ways. First, there is the 5 day Intensive where you do 1-3 sessions a day combining weekends, nights and days, or 5 regular work weekdays, etc. Another way is to do KAIROS by having a class on Friday night, 2 on Saturday, 1 one Sunday afternoon for 2 weekends - plus working in the 9th session near the end. There is also the standard way of doing KAIROS over a period of 9 weeks. A fourth avenue you can use is doing 4 Saturdays of 2 sessions each and then schedule in the 9th session wherever it fits best. You get the picture...be as creative as you need to be, check out alternatives, discuss it with us if you want, and then just do KAIROS! We want to get KAIROS into your hands as quickly as we can!

Each KAIROS session is about 21/4 to 21/2 hours in length. Every participant receives a Reader, Group Prayer Guide featuring major religions and bloc of the world population. One page Worksheets are used to reinforce main points of each lesson, and handouts tailored to your particular group. In all, there are 7 main components to a KAIROS Experience. Each session is composed of a short time of worship along with devotions and prayer centering on God, you, people groups and missions. There are informative introductions to each lesson given by the KAIROS facilitators. Participants come together in Growth Point Groups of 5-6 individuals who gather to discuss and share insights and questions from each lesson. The CWMC uses Video/DVD lectures by leading missiologists and relevant DVD case studies. There are optional activities such as cross cultural games that can be run as a generic exercise or structured and tailored to your particular group of participants. In addition to this, KAIROS offers you a contextualized worship service modeled after a Muslim background believer's house church gathering. Additional DVDs covering a wide range of mission activity, special speakers you might want or short local field trips are optional and may add to the overall cost of the course.

Another attractive feature of KAIROS is that it is very affordable (currently $55 USD per student in America for standard Kairos) KAIROS can be used as a "stepping stone" to the larger more academic "Perspectives Course", or as a follow up course to share some of what you have learned with people who are not yet ready to commit to a longer course. KAIROS is great as a mobilization tool and entrance level course into missions or as part of the basic training for short term mission teams going to other nations and cultures. Portions of the KAIROS experience can be adapted to fit into Bible studies, Sunday school classes, home fellowships and more.

When you take KAIROS we also offer "Certification" where you may become a KAIROS facilitator and run your own KAIROS training, multiply facilitators, etc. This is offered at no additional cost for those who successfully complete the KAIROS Course. KAIROS is offered internationally in several languages and other new translations are nearly completed. The cost for doing a CWMC in developing nations is less than in developed countries (inquiries are welcomed).

KAIROS is part of the "Perspectives Family" of mission courses that contain some of the "core values" held by a large consortium of leading missiologists. If we can assist you with information, or you would like us to arrange KAIROS for your group contact us at Unreached Nations, Inc. (626) 296-7699 or email us at: craig.prest@uscwm.org


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