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Unreached Nations, Inc. was founded by Craig and Jeri Prest after several years of seeking the best way to serve God's mission purposes with their lives. This was done by becoming part of the USCWM for a couple of years, then after much deliberation, counsel, and prayer they moved into the position of remaining in relationship with the USCWM community and its vision while retaining enough autonomy to expand into other fields and activities they felt God had directed them to serve in as well.

For a little over a year they involved themselves with a ministry that took medical and ministry teams on short-term missions to various "unreached areas" overseas. Then after another season of intense searching they formally registered with the State of California and the IRS as "Unreached Nations, Inc." On June 4th, 2001 "Unreached Nations,Inc. became a reality, an active collaborating agency at the USCWM in Pasadena, CA and is registered as a sec 501c3 non-profit corporation.


Unreached Nations, Inc. actively seeks to contribute towards effective networking and development of partnerships as they relate to unreached or least reached people groups. Wherever possible we play a role in recruiting for mission service, utilizing existing agencies, churches, and individuals already engaged on the field. We aid in connecting people with internships overseas, encourage strategic prayer, and host focused and purposeful short-term mission trips. We actively seek to educate and mobilize churches and individuals towards finding their roles in fulfilling the Great Commission by offering the Kairos Course, formerly the Condensed World Mission Course, and providing other resources and counsel towards this end. Our sole reason for existing is "to know, love and glorify Him, and that as a result, all the nations of this earth may also know, obey and glorify Him."

UNI Board of Directors:

David Imboden - U.N.I. President (Mission America Coalition - Global Connections))
Debbie Greenawalt - Treasurer (Frontiers/ IHOP)
David Bogosian - Secretary (Pasadena, CA/Philippines)
Danny Aguirre - Pastor United Trinity Baptist Church, NY/Apologist/SCP)
Sharon Hern - Registered Nurse (San Pablo, CA)
Harry Oldenburger - Senior Advisor (Vancouver, WA)
Jeri Prest - Co-Founder (USCWM Campus, Pasadena, CA)
Craig Prest - Co-Founder (USCWM Campus, Pasadena, CA)
(Current since November 2010)

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The Kairos Course.  The New Updated 2012 4th Edition is now out! Up skilling, i.e. additional training, is required for doing the New 4th Edition or certification as Head Facilitators & authority to certify of others.  For info on  USA training ops available and dates in early 2012, contact “Tiny” at  usa.kairos@ymail.com in Miami, FL or email UNI csprest@yahoo.com Also see www.kairoscourse.org

 Check out "EthNYCity" by Chris Clayman, of the All Peoples Initiative. Chris and his team mapped & met with people of the 80 People groups in the NYC Area. Chris's book is full of original photos, & short minuets of interviews. http://ethnycitybook.com/Purchasing-Information.php Chris is leading a new ministry reaching out to the ethnic peoples of NYC. Those interested contact chrisclayman@hotmail.com

Dave Imboden @ 714-791-5029 www.missionamerica.org or www.mac-global.net email: dave@missionamerica.org and Craig Prest of Unreached Nations, Inc and Jerome Hannaman @ 626-398-2204 - CEO of the USCWM Mobilization Dept. are contacts who may be able to help you connect with a group or agency reaching out to a people group you are interested in. Also, check out www.EthnicAmerica.com

Dr. Bill Bjoraker of The Ezekiel Network educates Christians of various ethnic backgrounds in understanding and relating to Israelis and Jewish People. Call 626-398-2380 or email bill.bjoraker@wciu.edu  plus Jewish led groups such as Chosen People Ministries, Jews for Jesus, Friends of Israel or others are easily located on the internet. Also, check out an Orthodox Jewish follower of Yeshua, Gavriel Gefen from the ministry KerenHaShlichut who does Isaiah 49:6 types of ministry with indigenous peoples! www.shlichut.com or gavriel@shlichut.com

Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations
in Israel is looking for volunteers in several areas of service. Contact them at: www.jhopfan.org. There are many fine houses of prayer and Jewish congregations that follow Yeshua in Israel and elsewhere.  Contact U.N.I. if you need help finding one. Please do pray for the Land of Israel & those living there, Jerusalem’s peace & Messiah's return!

The Holy Scriptures are communicated through Bible Storying among people groups who have none available in their mother language or who do not read yet. To learn more check out: www.oralbibles.org

To connect with an International Community of "ordinary" people who love Muslims and are willing to respectfully discuss what The Holy Injil and some scholars say about  Jesus (Isa)…call Frontiers (480) 834-1500 or email them: info@Frontiers.org  Website is: http://frontiers.org Another respectful group is called Pioneers at www.pioneers.org  If you have sincere questions about the Bible or what real followers of Jesus Christ (Isa Al-Masih) truly believe you can also send us an email here at our U.N.I. office: csprest@yahoo.com

The International Intercessory Network
 Intercessors.Network@Comhem.se         The Joshua Project website is www.joshuaproject.net , The International Prayer Council /Global Day of Prayer  www.ipcprayer.org  are helpful prayer networks!


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